Rebecca Thomas

Hello, hi, how are you? Welcome to my website! My name is Rebecca (more commonly known as Becca). I have been a writer now for quite some time and have had the pleasure of working with a number of businesses and individuals. I pride myself in having friendly and affordable services that are accessible to everyone...

What I Do

Freelance Writer

Over the years, I have provided freelance writing services for digital marketing agencies, small businesses, start-up businesses and experienced entrepreneurs. My writing portfolio consists of over 500 original articles, blog posts and copy for over 40 clients.


Fancy taking your writing to the next level? Or do you feel as though your writing just needs a once over before delivering it to a client or publisher? No worries. We can have a discussion about what you want to achieve with your piece of writing. Every piece is unique and aims to achieve different things. Therefore, I approach each client individually and personally.

Copy Writer

Having clear and concise copy on your website is so important. It helps to sell, educate and engage your consumer. That is why I have perfected my persuasive writing technique to be able to deliver accurate copy on your website, blog posts, product descriptions, newsletters and much more.

Content Creator

I can produce entertaining, educational and informative material for your blog or social media platforms (including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Having managed my own social media platforms, I have knowledge of the ins and outs of running a public profile.


Never want to worry about your blog or social media account again? I have extensive experience in running blogs for companies and individuals alike. If you are looking for someone to update your blog/ social media weekly, monthly, yearly (you name it!) then lets have a chat.



Fun Facts

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