Your freelance writer and content specialist

I am Rebecca Thomas – a freelance writer and content specialist. 


Words are my passion, they are what keep the world going and set everything into motion. Without them, where would we be? I combine my love and dedication to writing, with the power of social media (don’t you just love the modern world?) Words help you to engage with your audience; be that through a witty Tweet, or through a campaign E-mail. Words are not only the face of your business, company, or campaign, but they are your identity


I am best known for my pieces on mental health – I like to really get into a deep piece of writing. However, I have previous experience with an independent media company, who gave me the opportunity to widen my horizons and try my hand at more entertaining content. Since then, I have had the privilege of working alongside many businesses to help them make the most of their blog and social media campaigns (you can check out some of my testimonials here!)


Along with this, I have a broad understanding of the English Language, thanks to not only being a native speaker but also having a degree in English Language and Communications. 


Personally, I feel that dedication is key. I treat all my clients with respect, which is delivered to them in the form of writing – thought through, concise, creative and accurate writing. 

Some of my clients include: